Friday, March 19, 2010

Wedding Signage!

I absolutely adore worn, wooden, handmade wedding signs. Whether it’s a disorganized directional or a shabby chic ceremony sign...whether it’s nailed to a stake in the ground or hanging from a tree, wedding signs are, quite simply, one of the best DIY feature any wedding can have.

And, they don’t just make great photos, they’re also functional! “Where’s the ladies room,” a guest may ask. “Why, it's right over there, next to the restroom sign,” she says to herself!

When trying to come up with unique sign ideas for your wedding, consider your hobbies - things you and your future hubby enjoy together. If you enjoy outdoor activities such as canoeing, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or surfing perhaps consider using vintage oars, skis, snow shoes or snow / surf boards as signs.

Look for old garden chairs, gates or sections of picket fencing. With a fresh coat of paint, tired and weathered wood products quickly spring back to life. You don’t need to get something new, personally I think the more rustic the better, you can use old cupboard doors, window frames, or old plank flooring.

Signs cost nothing but a bit of paint and a little effort. Go crazy on signs, signage and anything vaguely arrow shaped to create drama and intrigue at your wedding. It’s a fact found in all good Wedding Encyclopedias – cool signs at weddings = cool photos = cool memories of your wedding. See below for undisputable proof:

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