Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Clane Gessel Photography

When deciding which vendor to feature this week the first person who came to mind was my photographer Clane Gessel. 
Clane Gessel

Clane is an award-winning landscape and wedding photographer based right here in Seattle. Clane grew up in Kent, Washington and moved to Utah after graduating from high school. Exploring the canyons and rock formations of the southwest, Clane discovered the world of landscape photography.  Clane had no formal photography training, but developed his incomparable technique during this exploration. Clane’s desire to capture the beauty in nature has led him around the country as he continued to search for new places to photograph

After returning to Washington State in 2005, a friend asked Clane to photographer their wedding.  The couple loved their photos and put them online.  Many people saw Clane's unique style, and he has busy shooting weddings ever since.  Clane quickly realized that it is not the equipment that defines a photographer, but it is how the equipment is used.  Exploring creative, out-of-the-box photography techniques, Clane developed a unique style that expresses his artistic vision and captures the essence of his clients.  Five years later, Clane finds himself ranked among the best. 

His style has grown into a distinct brand and his portfolio speaks for itself.  Clane has traveled throughout the U.S. from Hawaii and New York, to Miami and San Francisco capturing the most important moments in people's lives.  He has won awards for his style and praise from all past couples.  He continues to refine he style and try new things, keeping his photography fresh and inspiring. His images are featured throughout the Northwest and in blogs and publications Nationwide. Clane’s passion for life shines through his vibrant and dynamic images.  This passion combined with his unmistakable style has attracted a worldwide audience, bringing in commissions from around the country. Just see for yourself...

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