Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Carnations Anyone???

I recently started researching affordable flower options, not only for my own wedding but also for my couples with smaller budgets, and I am really surprised at the winner I found… CARNATIONS!

Truth be told, if you would have asked me last month what I thought of carnations being used as a wedding flower I would have had a mini inner cringe, to me they were the flowers one finds in the cheap corsage the senior prom date purchases for $1.00, or the cheap bouquets filled with babies breath and greenery, or on occasion a cute pomander. But done right, carnations in weddings are beautiful, affordable, versatile and shockingly elegant.

I have seen that carnations have the most impact when used as the sole bloom in a wedding arrangement. These flowers are hardy, come in so many colors and carnations will even weather a hot day outdoors well, unlike many of their more delicate siblings.

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