Saturday, March 20, 2010

No Wedding Cake?

Cake has dominated the wedding industry for years. However, right now there is a growing trend to skip the cake all together. Maybe cake is not your thing. For many people cake is okay, but they have a dessert that they simply swoon over. So, why not have that dessert at your wedding?

Below I have listed some fun outside the box alternatives or additions to cake. I doubt that cake will lose its premier spot, but maybe it will get a run for its money!

Ice Cream Bar

Here is a delicious and fun option for your wedding that will bring out the kid in everyone. You can set up an old-fashioned ice cream bar complete with soda pop and assorted toppings. Your guests can make their own floats and sundaes. If you are having an outdoor summer wedding, I think your guests would love this refreshing treat!

Smores Bar
Here is a treat that brings back fond childhood memories from many campers. S’mores are a beloved treat for many and how fun to set up your own s’mores station at your wedding? I did a fabulous wedding with a smores bar and outdoor fire, it was a HUGE hit.

Cookies and Milk
Cookies and milk are considered by most as the perfect pair. So, what a perfect dessert for a wedding! You can serve a variety of cookies and little shot glasses of milk to choose from. Plus, this is a great way to share an awesome family cookie recipe and make the dessert personalized.

 Carnival Dessert Bar
Okay, I am not sure that I know anyone who doesn’t like some sort of carnival food! I am pretty sure that the majority of people I know would simply drool at the mention of funnel cakes! This carnival inspired dessert bar is a great way to take people back to the fun times at the state fair and other found memories. Plus, the food is good and fun! Showcase snow-cones, funnel cakes, soft pretzels, caramel apples, and other carnival favorites. This dessert bar is sure to be a big hit and leave a lasting memory with guests!

 Not Cake Cakes
If you want to be really unique why not have a "cake", rice crispy cake, pizza cake, hostess snake cake cake, donut hole cake, Cheese and Fruit; take your favorite treat and shape it like a cake, really the options are endless!

Other Towers
Almost anything in a tower will look amazing, just be creative Croquembouche, Donuts, Truffles, Cannoli, really use your imagination!

The Good Ole Dessert Bar
Always and excellent choice! Whether you do a candy bar, cheescake bar, assorted, everyone loves a variety!

 Cupcakes of Course
So this isn't very "outside the box" but it is all the rage right now, whether you choose to have a small cake for cutting in addition, or just cupcakes the presentation can be just as amazing as a wedding cake, a lot less expensive, and who doesn't like individual servings?

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