Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Save the Dates

Save the dates are a wonderful way to give out of town guests a chance to plan travel, an easy way to get your wedding website address out, and a must have for destination weddings. Now days there are so many creative ways to do them, and the more creative and outside the box the better; but first lets look at the basics.

1. What you put on your save the date is very important

It used to be that save-the-date was a card or object containing the fundamental information of a couple’s wedding. However, many couples are beginning to include more specific details like the location of their wedding (other than just their name and wedding date) in their personalized save-the-date so their guests can have the convenience of planning ahead, especially so if they are overseas. It is also helpful to include a link to your wedding website that gives further information on your wedding day schedule.

2. Save the dates should not be used as an early RSVP

Although early RSVPs to your save-the-date can allow you to plan for your total turnout more accurately, there is also a high chance that this plan will not work out after all. You may have organized friends who will painstakingly mark down your important day on their calendars, but how about the other handful who tend to procrastinate? They might forget everything altogether!

3. Not (really) a shameless way to include your registry information

It is not appropriate to include where you are registered in your save-the date. However it is completely appropriate to have the address for your wedding website, then registry information is to be placed there.

4. So many kinds of save-the-dates

Traditionally it used to be a card, but creativity rules. There are many options to a save-the-date such as magnets or objects with customized printing. There are many save-the-date card ideas available online for your personal reference; I have included some pictures of my favorites!

5. Starting with a design

If you do not have a flair for designing, don’t panic. There are many programs and websites available for inspiration. There are so many designs available and you should definitely be able to find one to your liking, especially if you would like to save the hassle of trying to conceptualize a design inspiration from scratch.

6. Choosing a design

Most importantly, choose designs that reflect the personality of you and your spouse-to-be best. You would want your save-the-date to be attention grabbing, it can have a color theme that showcases your wedding colors, or be of the same theme as your wedding. It is less formal than the actual invitation process, so just relax and make sure you have fun with it!

1. Save-the-date card from
2. Message in a bottle save-the-date from
3. Save-the-date card with matching sticker from
4. Keychain save-the-date
5. Scratch off save-the-date card from
6. save-the-date card from Cluu designs 


 Save the date puzzles by

Caleb and Julia

Away we go
Linda and Roland made lego magnets

Patrick and Jackie

Jennie and Chad's music inspired save the date

White box weddings
My own bookmark save the dates

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