Saturday, April 3, 2010

Purple Purple Purple

I never thought I could love purple as much as I do, my fiance didn't go for it when I suggested it for our wedding, and if purple isn't quite your guy's taste either, then consider showering yourself in the hue at one of your all-gal events.  This purple inspired bridal shower takes the cake on color theme.  Just look at all the ways in which designer, Erin Borges wove the palette into this Nor Cal affair.  

Who knew there were so many ways to eat purple foods?!? 

The look was clearly defined and designed down to the last detail.  From purple butterfly sugar cubes to the colored "M" at each place setting.
Loving the whimsical chair covers!

Guests dined on a five course organic meal at Lalla Grill in Monterey, CA.  To start, purple cauliflower soup, then sweet and sour purple cabbage salad. Onto a purple sorbet intermezzo and salmon with purple mashed potatoes and purple baby carrots. Dessert was lavender ice cream, blackcurrant violet Parisian macaroons and purple religieuse. Look closely and you'll also find purple soft baked rolls and purple cocktails filled with coordinating cotton candy for sweet martinis.  Yummm....

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