Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Long Tables

I have a thing for long tables at wedding receptions, this was not always the case. I used to detest them, I loved the uniformity of rounds, the ability to alternate table decor, I loved everything about rounds. I used to have an inner cringe at the mere mention of banquet tables. However all that changed when I decided to use them for my own wedding, no not because I had an epiphany overnight, but I did want to stay within my budget and that's the table choice of my venue.

I scoured the internet for banquet table photos, looked back at past weddings I have done, and wow, how did I not see before how abso freaking lutely gorgeous they can be? Not only do they look stunning, there is something wonderful about having your entire guest list at one table! You can’t get more intimate than that.

Take a look at these brilliant long table receptions and you’ll see why I’m a crazed fan.

long table  wedding jekyll club
long table wedding reception dc nearlywedslong table wedding leigh millerlong table wedding reception picasa weblong table winery wedding
Photos: Jekyll Club; Eventique WeddingsDC Nearlyweds; Leigh Miller Photography; Dale Wallace ; Allegro Photography88 Events Company The Knot

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