Friday, February 12, 2010

Mad love for my vendors!

I am completely overwhelmed, grateful and have stopped crying long enough to write this. I have been caring for a terminally ill family member and financially it was making having my wedding impossible, although I am grateful that I am able to care for her. After a lot of disappointment I was ready to cancel and somewhat resigned to the fact that I would not be having a wedding in October. However I am blessed with the BEST employees and the BEST wedding community here in Seattle. My assistant’s got together with my vendors and they have given me the amazing gift of a phenomenal wedding. So here are my very public shameless endorsements in alphabetical order!

Thank you all so much, you are giving me such a gift and Eric and I are indebted to you all! I was not expecting this at all, I would have been much too proud to ever even consider asking for help from our community. I am honored to work with you guys on a  regular basis and look forward to an amazing wedding and an amazing upcoming season working with you all!

      Shannon and Karen are absolutely amazing. If I woke up looking like Fiona from Shrek these two could transform me into a supermodel by lunch time. I have had nothing but overly impressed brides!

      Clane is so talented, I have admired his work since randomly stumbling across his info on a wedding website last year. His pictures are truly artwork not just “pictures”. Everytime I look at his gallery I am impressed and I am truly lucky that he will be my wedding photographer!

      I love love love this group! I am a huge fan of strings and they are very talented. They are so easy to work with and I am so happy they will be performing at my wedding. I have only been working with them for one wedding season and they were by far one of my “best finds”!

      I love Jenny! My brides love Jenny, what’s not to love about Jenny? She is very talented, sweet, easy to work with and makes you feel really comfortable. I love her fun style and she is perfect to be doing our engagement pics!          

      I love Kelli’s cakes, they always look amazing, taste amazing and exceed my expectations, which trust me is no easy feat! Kelli is so easy to work with and I am so lucky to have her as a preferred vendor!

      I adore Sharon; she does almost all of my weddings. She is so talented, creative and has an awesome personality to boot. Her flowers always look amazing (just look at her portfolio). She is really easy to work with and I would not have anyone else do my flowers!


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