Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I love labels!

Personalization is the key goal for many brides and grooms planning weddings today. Monograms have become a widely popular theme for wedding decor in items from invitations to wedding cakes. Custom labels can be ordered for your occasion and implemented easily into your wedding design. You can use your labels on favor packaging, wine bottles, cd cases, coasters, name cards and much more.

Be creative with your custom labels for other uses as well. In the image pictured below, a bride used a personalized label on a hand-made cone filled with rose petals and handing one to each person sitting on the center aisle. When the bride and groom walked down the aisle after saying their "I dos" the guests tossed the petals on them as they walked by.

Featured Stamps: myweddinglabels.com
Photo by: Bradley Hanson Photography, Seattle


  1. By far the best place to get custom labels is Bottle Your Brand. they're a local company and their website lets you customize the labels really easily. We used them a while ago and LOVED them!

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